Central Heating

M D Jones Plumbing and Heating specialise in replacement, repairs and upgrades to your heating system. This could be replacing or upgrading your existing radiators, pipework or to help maintain the health of your heating system with Power Flushing, fitting a Magna Clean filter or adding an inhibitor to your central heating system.


M D Jones Plumbing and Heating can supply and fit a variety of either traditional or contemporary styles of radiators in your home. Our engineers can calculate the number of BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) required to heat a room and the size of the radiator required to heat that room.   The BTU is an energy unit that measures the approximate energy needed to heat water. There are 3412 BTU’s to every 1 kilowatt.


The pipework in your central heating is as important as your boiler and needs to be maintained so that your central heating system is functioning as efficiently as possible. 

Magna Clean filters

Magna Clean filters  can be fitted permanently to your central heating system located on the return valve near to your boiler. The Magna filter contains a magnetic filter to catch sludge, rust and particles as they passes around the system. This helps maintain the life of your central heating system and boiler. The average heating system lasts around 15 to 20 years. Magna Clean filters are usually fitted at the same time of installing and commissioning a new boiler installation, however Magna Clean filters can be added to a central heating system later, usually following a cleanse of the system either by using an inhibitor or following  Power Flushing.

Magna Clean filters

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