Power Flushing

If you want to keep your heating system in top condition it is a good idea that you have a central heating Power Flush every 5-10 years. It is also recommended that heating systems are cleaned upon a replacement boiler as required by manufacturers during commissioning or when replacing an old boiler.

Power Flushing cleaning is integral to its health and central heating, flushing helps to maintain your heating system and boiler by cleaning and flushing the entire central heating system. The benefits of a Power Flushing are lowering household bills, improving overall energy savings, increasing the life and reliability of your heating system and boiler.

Signs your system could require Power Flushing are noisy pipework, uneven heat distribution in radiators or throughout the system.

Power Flushing is a popular cleaning method and works by a powerful machine which uses freshwater and chemicals which is comprehensive and rapidly remove sludge, limescale and debris which gradually build up in your system. If your central heating system is left without Power Flushing this could cause serious blockages in your system or even damage your boiler if left to accumilate. 

Power Flushing

Thermal Image Pictures of uneven heat distribution


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