Landlord CP12 Gas Safety Checks

Are you a UK landlord ?

Properties owned by landlords are required to have an annual safety check and require a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (CP12). Annual safety check can only be conducted or undertaken by a registered Gas Safe engineer like M D Jones Plumbing and Heating.  After the annual check you will be issued with a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12). 

Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

Gas Safety Checks

Landlords Boiler Service

Or why not combine your CP12 Gas Safety Check with your Boiler Service

The Landlords Legal Duty

As a UK landlord you are responsible for gas appliances and fittings, including central heating, boilers and flues. This means landlords have a legal obligation under the Gas Safety Regulations Act (1998) to cover gas appliances you own and provide for the use of tenants of your property. 

If tenants supply their own gas appliances, then you will still be responsible for the installation parts and pipework, but not the actual appliance itself. Visit the ​Health And Safety (HSE) Website  ​​to find out more. Or find out about your legal duties as a landlord. Further guidance on safety checks can be found in the HSE Approved Code of Practice, regulation 36 (3) regarding which gas appliances need to be checked.

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